Community involvement

Playing our part

We enjoy a good relationship with the local community here at GEMS Modern Academy, organising events such as our recent 'grandparents day' celebration and encouraging students to get involved with helping out wherever possible.

When parents and families are involved with their children's schools their children do better. When local community members get involved, too, they can act as role models and mentors, providing support and inspiration for students and teachers. Our early childhood education programme features regular visits from professionals such as dentists, firefighters, police officers and farmers. They talk to the children about their roles and how students can contribute to society.

Our students regularly help out the local community through participating in projects such as clean-ups; flower and tree planting; recycling; development programmes; and working with seniors citizens. Students make an impact by mentoring and teaching children; feeding the homeless; hosting benefit concerts; and organising food and clothing drives. This encourages students to look beyond themselves, reach out and develop a social conscience.

We are proud of the fact that, over the past 50 years, GEMS students and staff have raised over $40m for charities around the world.


For more pictures of our local events, take a look at our Facebook page. Alternatively, click here for information about our extra-curricular activities.